We are happy for your visit to our pictorial site,
which will be showing the work of
the Dominican painter “CESI”,
and account of his best works,
projects, and also exhibits sales.



Born March 7, 1972, multi-faceted Dominican artist, painter, video editor, web designer, musician, composer,
making his paintings in a mixture of styles and techniques with auto form overlay called “Fusion”.
From an early age he showed artistic inclinations by the composition and drawing.
In 1989 he began his career as a painter at the Cultural Institute D. American in
SANTIAGO city, making a specialty in pastels by Professor Jose M. Peña graduated
from the School of Design Altos de Chavon.
He earned a high profile in the collectively
held that year in the exhibition hall of the Dominican American.
Formally studied fine arts and illustration at the School of Design
Altos de Chavon in La Romana (Dom. Rep.)
for the year 1990, where he honed his creative sense and ability to paint.